Educational Theatre

Founded in Argentina in 1997, ArtSpot is a professional touring theatre company. With deep roots in educational theatre and ELT (English Language Teaching), ArtSpot creates and performs original work and adapted classics for young audiences around the world; combining musical theatre, physical comedy, and meaningful stories in its own fresh and distinctive way.

What level is the play for?
The play is appropriate for students of all ages who have had a minimum of approximately 150 hours of English instruction. It presents various elements that are enjoyable for all students, regardless of the age group. While the play is for all levels, the activities in the workbook are level-oriented, allowing teachers a more specific approach in class work.

Where can I see the play?
ArtSpot holds a regular schedule of performances at theatres and schools in over 100 cities. With presence in more than 10 countries across the globe our tours reach new places everyday. Please contact our Teachers’ Help Desk to receive information on performances near your area.

8 de noviembre del 2017
11:00 a.m.
Teatro José Rosas Moreno

Alma Eduwigis Rangel García Coordinadora de Internacionalización Lic. Francisco Alba Jefe de la Unidad de lenguas